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An office specifically for receiving the disabled: the Disabled Reception Office

Biblioteca degli Intronati (Library)

Workstation for the physically disabled and sight-impaired

L'Orto de' Pecci

A green "treasure"
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Terre di Siena, welcoming by nature. The information, projects, actions, examples of “good practice”, places of culture and knowledge of the Terre di Siena accessible to everyone. The website aims not only to be a tool for those who, despite permanent or temporary disability, want to visit the Terre di Siena, but also has [...]



The Online timetables of Siena Mobilità become accessible to the blind. The search for timetables on the websites of Siena Mobilità and Train Spa also becomes accessible to the blind and sight-impaired. Siena Mobilità, one of the first Italian companies in the sector, has reached an agreement with Unione Italiana Ciechi to apply, thanks to [...]

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